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Swim System
AquaVee Swim System is a simple innovation that will enable people to swim endlessly in any pool.

Resistance Swimming is widely recognized as one of the best forms of exercise due to its low impact nature.

Stationary Swimming is a great Low impact exercise that will not wear and tear the joints as most aerobic exercises do over time.

Swimming in Place is the best form of combination cardio and muscle tone exercise around.

The AquaVee will allow you to Swim in Place in any pool. It is a portable home swim system that assembles and installs in your pool in less than 1 minute. No need to secure it to external structure surrounding your pool. It attaches to the border tile of your pool in seconds.

The AquaVee is portable and weighs about 2 pounds. It can travel with you where ever you go in its own mesh carrying bag.

Your Pool is about to turn Olympic size with AquaVee!


AquaVee Pilates Plus
Introducing the AquaVee Pilates Plus, your complete aquatic exercise solution.

The Pilates Plus installs in any pool in seconds and enables you to do a complete Swimming, Pilates and resistance workout right in the comfort any community, condo/apartment or backyard pool.

The Pilates Plus is truly a revolutionary workout system weighing less than 4 pounds. It can travel with you where ever you go in its own mesh carring bag.

No need to store bulky exercise equipment the AquaVee Pilates Plus can do it all right in your own pool.

The AquaVee Pilates Plus is great for:

Turn any pool into a world class gym with AquaVee Pilates Plus!

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